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Intimacy Magic Tantra - Featured Workshop

Saturday, March 5, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (PST)

Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center
761 University Avenue
Los Gatos, CA 95032

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This is a second workshop on Tantra, arranged by Kailani and Matt in Los Gatos Acupuncture and Qigong Center. The first workshop has had a great success, and this event is highly recommended for all the people who would like to enhance their spiritual life, engage in funny, sensual, and rewarding activities, and connect with likely-minded individuals.

Intimacy Magic Tantra Workshop an experiential opportunity for you to experience deep connection with yourself and others for greater presence, pleasure and awareness while being in a safe container. You will let go of things that prevent you from being fully presence through active release practices, increase your vitality by moving the energy so you can drop deeper into your own body, heart and spirit. And from that place of contentment and peace in yourself, you will be guided into connection with others through a serious of playful exercises in conscious embodiment, communication, breath, sound and energetic connection.

There will be no nudity and all the exercises are only an invitation to explore. You are welcome to step aside and observe. Please know that even though I will do my best to gender balance the group, you might end up working with a person of your own gender. All the touch we are going to share is of non-sexual nature and you can always say No Thank You. But please know that you might be in a group with people of your gender or even paired up with someone of your own gender.

Couples and singles are welcome. Couples can stay together if they choose to, though it can be beneficial to connect with others at least for some portion of the workshop.

We highly recommend preregistering as the event is likely to sell out.

Cost: $28-$35

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