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Dancing Life Workshop in Campbell with Emily Webb

Saturday, April 9, 2016 from 2:00 PM to 9:00 PM (PDT)

F-Bomb Dance
2385 S Winchester Blvd
Campbell, CA 95008

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2 to 5:30: Dancing Life

What is holding you back from having all you want when you dance? How does your dancing represent your life and how you interact with the world?

In this workshop, we will:
* Break down walls that are holding you back from connecting with others.
* Build trust in yourself and your dance partners.
* Expand the levels of creativity and aliveness in your dancing.

Let partner dance be the mirror to show you more about yourself, your fears, and your strengths. In this workshop, we will dive into the realm of the masculine and feminine energies in yourself and your dance. We will explore trust, vulnerability and personal power in order to create dance connections like never before. Come play and explore your edges through a journey of self-discovery, awareness and deep listening.

7-8: Dancing for the Blind

Or rather blindfolded. It is often said that there are three connections in dance: the music, your partner, and the floor. Dancing blind enhances all three and can make the dancing experience entirely new.

Leads and follows will spend time dancing without the advantage of sight. Take this opportunity to feel into your partner's body mechanics and create a strong kinesthetic connection as you jump head first into the world of feeling and trust. Both leads and follows will find themselves more connected, more stable, and more confident when their site is returned.

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8-9: Musical Connectivity

Breathe the music, feel the music, dance the music. Who is responsible for musicality, the lead or follow? Get ready to experience leading and following in a fresh new way as we switch the norms and let the music shape our dance. Dive deep into listening and create a musical connection with your partner, as you may have never experienced before. Please bring a phone with data/wifi and a set of headphones and get ready to play!

Cost: $57 Full Day Advance; $67 Full Day Day of; for the last 2 classes: $15 per class or $25 for both

Emily Webb began her love affair with partner dancing in 1996. Starting out as a Lindy Hopper, through the years she danced through Tango, Salsa, Blues, and finally Fusion dance. Today, Tango and Fusion remain her greatest dance loves. Emily teaches Tango and Fusion across the U.S.; and she is the co-creator of Mission Fusion and Tango Atipico in San Francisco. While Emily loves to geek out on technique she also believes learning should be experiential and fun! Her classes create a positive environment to explore human relationship, movement and expression in dance partnership. Get ready to play, get geeky, laugh, learn and delve deep into the world of partner dance!

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