SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Hot Air Music Festival

Sunday, March 15, 2015 @ 11 am to 9 pm

The San Francisco Conservatory of Music, 50 Oak Street, San Francisco

Now in its sixth year, the Hot Air Music Festival is a student-organized new music marathon that focuses on world premieres and collaborations by young composers and performers as well as music written in the past 50 years.

10:30 am Pre-concert talk with Marko Bajzer

11 am - Sol Joseph Recital Hall

* International Low Brass Trio performing Danny Clay and Mario Godoy
* One Great City performing Eric Choate and Shahab Paranj
* Bethanne Walker performing Craig Davis Pinson’s Lightning Rod
* Silas Patlove performing Steve Reich’s New York Counterpoint
* Frequency 49 performing JooWan Kim’s Water to Wood
* The Automaton by Kyle Randall
* Make me a picture of the sun by Michael Kropf
* Meditation by Joseph Stillwell
* Kitchen Sync by Marko Bajzer

1:30 pm - Osher Salon

* Areon Flutes performing Sahba Aminikia’s Bāde Sabā (Lover’s Wind)
* Dreamers Often Lie by Patrick Castillo
* Music for Four Pieces of Wood by Andrew Williams
* Mikaela Sullivan performing Excursus: Three Songs for Soprano and Flexible Mediaby Cody Kauhl
* Real Life Looping by Julie Herndon
* Perfect Timing by Emily Praetorius
* Helen Newby performing Petals by Kaija Saariaho

4 pm - Sol Joseph Recital Hall

* Ignition Duo performing Anthony Porter and Nick Bacchetto
* Jessie Nucho performing Winton White’s Erratic Tale for solo flute
* Patrick Smith performing Emma Logan’s Short Stories
* Inserted Groove by D. Riley Nicholson
* Elegy Suite by Michael Rosin
* Anna Bush performing Scott McAllister’s Black Dog
* Guerrilla Composers Guild with For Change Dance Collective performing Caroline Mallonee & Nick Benavides

7 pm - Caroline Hume Concert Hall

* Friction Quartet performing Steve Reich’s Different Trains
* Members of One Found Sound performing Matthias McIntire’s Clarinet Quintet
* Amaranth String Quartet performing Brian Fitzsousa and Dylan Mattingly
* Gamelan Encinal performing pieces by Stephen Parris
* Let Go by Julie Barwick (Hot Air 2015 commission)
* Alex Granger performing Lucas Floyd’s Violin Concerto

Cost: Free