SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

March 2015: Holistic Festivals and Workshops in California

Heart of Awareness: Joining Embodiment and Meditation, Discovering Healing and Compassion

March 1 – March 6, 2015 (Sunday – Friday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Being a human is a complex task. In order to make the most of our lives and cultivate a peaceful and sustainable human culture, most of us need to practice being present and feeling our bodies. This workshop uses embodiment practices, embodied meditation practice, embodied speech, embodied listening, and embodied relationship as the means to achieve personal and cultural peace and creativity. Susan Aposhyan developed these practices in the context of Body-Mind psychotherapy. The fundamental question of this workshop has to do with the role of the human physical heart in this process, and exploring the reasons that the heart rests quietly at the center of all spiritual and healing work. How can we bring more awareness to this process? What is the relationship between our brains and our hearts? And what if spiritual work, healing, and creativity all stem from the same basic energy? As a workshop leader, Susan Aposhyan brings simple, clear thinking, humor, and a great intention to penetrate to the essence of things. Her experience includes more than thirty-five years as a psychotherapist, teacher, bodyworker, mover, meditater, spiritual counselor, Body-Mind Centering practitioner and teacher, and aspiring adult. Her interest in neuroscience, physiology, and evolution bring some scientific clarity to this messy human process. All are welcome.

$650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

Silent Meditation Retreat

March 5-8, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, North San Juan, California (Northern California)

Yoga masters describe God as ever-existing bliss consciousness. Silence is the altar upon which we develop our communion with that Bliss. Keeping silence is an acknowledgement that nothing that we think or express can adequately express the Truth. Silence helps us to see ourselves more clearly, to see the course of our thoughts and the currents of our hearts. Together with the techniques of Raja yoga, we have a powerful opportunity to use the energy of our bodies, our breath, our will and our concentration to work our way back to our True Nature.

Silent retreat attendees will receive basic instruction in meditation to explore throughout the retreat, as well as access to structured group meditations, which are encouraged but not mandatory. Yoga postures are led each morning.

Cost: Private Cabin (single guest): $110; Private Cabin (couple): $160; Tent: $50

Yoga, Hiking and Nature Retreat

March 5-8, 2015 (Friday – Monday)
Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast California

Join us for Sagrada's Yoga and Hiking retreat in Central Coast California.

This retreat is a nurturing blend of Yin Yoga, Iyengar and Ashtanga-influenced vinyasa, gentle Hatha and Pranayama. Begin each day hiking on one of our nearby picturesque trails. These guided hikes will explore some of the best unspoiled scenery in all of California. In the late afternoon, enjoy the yoga class followed by restorative yoga postures that will leave you feeling grounded and at peace. As we embark on our inward journey of renewal, guests feel a deeper sense of connectedness to oneself and the beautiful nature that surrounds the Sagrada Wellness retreat sanctuary.

Spend your afternoons enjoying the quaint town of Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo, breathtaking local beaches or wine tasting. Relax in our reflection garden, treat yourself to acupuncture, sunbath or bask in the warm hot tub.

Cost: Communal bedroom shared bathroom - $795 + tax; private bedroom shared bathroom - $1195 sgl / $895 dbl + tax.

Sonora Celtic Faire

March 6-8, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Mother Lode Fairground, Sonora, California

California's original and largest Celtic event. Featuring 15 Celtic bands that include: tempest, Celtica, BlackEyed Dempseys, 1916, Black Irish band, Golden Bough,Banshee in the Kitchen, Stag & Thistle Pipe Band, Cooking with Turf,Ripon Irish Pipe Band, Scottish Highland Games, Traditional foods, Whiskies, and ales. Over 80 Celtic-theme vendors, 200 costumed Celtic living history performers, magicians, fire eaters, jugglers, and a fire breathing dragon. Scottish & Irish Clans, Celtic dogs, Knights Jousting on horseback, armored foot combat, and much more!!!

Cost: $60 (full weekend pass); $25 (Saturday pass); $20 (Sunday pass)

Jazz Bash by the Bay

March 6-8, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Portola Hotel & Spa, Monterey, California

Famous Jazz festival brings the most honored guests. Special Festival Features this year:
* Washboard Spasm - Saturday morning
* Pianorama
* Jam Cab Friday and Saturday nights
* Blazin' banjos
* Sizzling two piano sets
* Classy Clarinets
* Sunday gospel sessions
* Pacific Brass Sat 4:30pm (one show only)
* Dance Your Feet Off in the De Anza Ballroom Saturday afternoon through evening
* Each participating band will play specifically for dancing, for a whole set.
* Dave and Linda - dance instruction
* NEW this year: Yosemite's own Tom Bopp on the Lobby Bar piano

Cost: $105 (entire weekend pass), $45 (Friday only), $60 (Saturday only), $45 (Sunday only)

Learn How to Meditate: Techniques for Peace of Mind and Balanced Living

Mar 6 – 8, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, California

Learn how to meditate for the first time, or learn how to meditate with more concentration and upliftment if you already meditate.

You will learn:
* An effective technique to help you concentrate
* How to sit comfortably so your body is not an obstacle to inner peace
* How to begin a daily practice of meditation
* Ways to experience the benefits of meditation throughout your day
* How to keep your meditation practice fulfilling so that you want to continue
* You will leave with the techniques and understanding you need to sustain a meditative practice.

Your weekend will include physical exercises to aid relaxation, and written lessons to help you get the best possible start on your meditation practice.

Cost: $238 - $558 (depending on accommodations type)

Inspiration Weekend

Mar 6 – 8, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Fullerton, California

We at Inspiration Weekend love to Swing dance. Whether we are doing the Lindy Hop, keeping it calm with Balboa, kicking it with Charleston, and even slowing it down to Blues, a certain spark is ignited every time we dance. The joy and excitement that comes from two people dancing on the floor in perfect harmony to the sweet sounds of Jazz music is almost unrivaled in our lives.

Besides actually dancing these dances ourselves, we get another high by sharing the knowledge of these American dances with others. So with that said, one of our goals with creating Inspiration Weekend is to offer the Orange County swing dance scene a number of classes with some of leading swing dance instructors from around the world to help ignite that spark in you. Our wish is that the classes at Inspiration Weekend elevate your senses and help you feel what we feel when we go out social dancing.

Cost: $150

Holi Festival of Colors

Saturday, March 7, 2015 11 am – 5 pm
Los Angeles, California

Dance, Music, Yoga, Fun…

Cost: $5

OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Workshop

Saturday, March 7, 2015, 10 am – 5 pm
Santa Monica, California

OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It is like….yoga for your orgasm. The day-long How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.

The How to OM Course is a great starting point for both men and women and will give you the right foundation to begin building your OM practice. Whether you are learning OM for the first time or brushing up your skills, the How to OM Course is a great way to begin cultivating your Orgasm.

Open to singles and couples
Pre-requisite: Watch the How to OM Video

Cost: $195/person

Wings of Wonder Healing Expo

Saturday, March 7, 2015, 11 am – 5 pm
Rancho Cordova, California

Flying towards healing, understanding and light. A community of healers, intuitive readers, psychics, holistic and wellness vendors.

Cost: Free

Chopra Center Meditation Weekend

March 7-8, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, Carlsbad, California

Leave the chaos and clutter of daily life behind and slip into the tranquil, restorative space of Meditation Weekend. This program was carefully designed to give you the support and guidance you need to create a daily practice that will benefit you for the rest of your life.

Meditation is a simple yet powerful tool that will take you to a state of profound relaxation, dissolve fatigue and accumulated stress, and renew your creativity and passion for life. By its very nature, meditation calms the mind, and when the mind is in a state of restful awareness, the body relaxes, too.

Cost: $375 before January 30, $475 – thereafter.

Healing Arts Festival

Sunday, March 8, 2015
Sacramento, California

The spiritual journey is exciting. At the Healing Arts Festival, we respect all seekers as they travel along their individual paths. The Healing Arts Festival is a forum to discover resources for your journey of personal growth. Each Festival has wonderful free presentations providing you with new information and insight, great exhibitors for all you conscious needs, and wonderful energy. We are the only metaphysical and holistic festival in the Sacramento area that is free to attend and supports the community at each event. Our new location at the Scottish Rite Center allows us to offer food service so you can stay all day and explore. The Healing Arts Festival - Conscious Living at its Best!

Cost: Free

Spiritual Unfolding-Working with Spirit Guides (Level 1 Class)

March 13-15 (Friday – Sunday)
Davis Holistic Health Center, Davis, California

Level 1 Class is our gateway class, during which you receive several healings for yourself and learn techniques to heal yourself and others. This class is suitable for everyone, whether you are looking for healing for yourself or to learn how to give healing to others. While we don't make hard and fast rules we do recommend new students take this class first in order to get the most out of all our other classes.

You will learn the fundamentals of spiritual healing work and be empowered with healing methods you can use to heal yourself of your spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical issues. You can continue to use these methods to help yourself and, if you choose, you can use these methods to work on the ones you love from a distance. We have witnessed many people who have taken this class use these methods to change their lives and change the lives of their entire families for the better.

Cost: Price: $495 for all three days with a 7% discount if you register 30 days in advance, or $165 per day.

Spring Fever Dance Weekend

March 13 - 15, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Aptos, California

Break out of the Winter doldrums with "Spring Fever" - a high-energy weekend of hot Contras, exuberant English country dance, and exhilarating music that is sure to bring on that elusive dancer's high.

Our 3-track program is actually 3 complete camps side by side.  You can follow all Contra, all English, our expanded all singing, music and jam sessions, or mix and match as you like.  Go with what you love, or try out something new.

Cost: TBD

Reichian Therapy & Kundalini Yoga Intensive

March 13-15, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Come Alive to Your Sexuality and Joy of Life! Master Reichian therapists Michele T Newmark and Dr. Siri Gian Khalsa bring to you the work of Dr Wilhelm Reich in a Reichian therapy intensive, including Kundalini yoga.

Come for a potent weekend releasing and enlivening through breath and Kundalini yoga practices. Renew your presence of being and reignite your passion and vitality experiencing the breathing of Reichian therapy sessions. Many participants gain skills and practices, which greatly enhance their personal and their professional practices. Enjoy the beauty and healing of the Harbin waters.

Cost: $400

OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Workshop

Saturday, March 14, 2015, 10 am – 5 pm
San Francisco, California

OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It is like….yoga for your orgasm. The day-long How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.

The How to OM Course is a great starting point for both men and women and will give you the right foundation to begin building your OM practice. Whether you are learning OM for the first time or brushing up your skills, the How to OM Course is a great way to begin cultivating your Orgasm.

Open to singles and couples
Pre-requisite: Watch the How to OM Video

Cost: $195/person

Serenity Gathering

March 19-22, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
La Jolla Indian Reservation Campground (near San Diego, California)

A conscious gathering focused on art and music; experience an array of workshops, activities, and art installations. The body germinates, the mind sprouts, the soul nourishes, and the spirit blooms. We encourage sound and theme camps of all different kinds!

Cost: $150/person + $25/car

Emptiness Dancing

March 19-22, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Mountain View Masonic Lodge, Mountain View, California

Ahhhh -- don’t you love when that happens?  When you find yourself in a state of exquisite surrender to the spirit that dances us; those timeless moments when we disappear and all that’s left is Emptiness Dancing? Often these moments feel like “happy accidents”, a flash of grace over which we have no control or choice. The purpose of this weekend is to practice being accident prone, to cultivate grace as an everyday possibility.

Open Floor Movement Practice uses universal principles of movement to anchor us in this vast space. Our bodies organically know about emptiness, and at the same time, it can be quite a journey to arrive at this place willingly, even longingly.  As in any journey, there are skills to learn, habits to unlearn and a need for curiosity. This course is an opportunity to say “Yes!” to this blessing, to feel it in every movement, every cell of your being.

Cost: $345, $310 if paid by February 19, 2015.

OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Xperience

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Los Angeles, California

The OM Xperience is a 3 day event where people from around the world are coming together to talk, discover and practice Orgasm. Whether you’re new to the practice of Orgasmic Meditation or you’ve been OMing for awhile, the OM Xperience is for anyone who’s interested in learning how to strengthen their relationships and connections with people in all areas of their life.

Cost: $200/person

Mindfulness through Qigong: Meditative Movement and Sound

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

This healing workshop is designed to activate your essential capacity to live with a clear mind and open heart. Qigong movements are both a moving meditation and a mindfulness practice that accelerates and deepens all other forms of meditation, and provides the skillful means to enter into a mindful state with energetic aliveness and healing benefit. Qigong sounds enable you to balance the emotional energy of your body to embody more joy and well-being. Master Mingtong Gu will teach workshop participants how to:
* Practice self-love and acceptance, and cultivate unconditional love by keeping the energy of your heart open, through qigong methods.
* Strengthen and connect the energy of the five organs to transform fear, anger, sadness, and worry to love and happiness through qigong sound healing.
* Enhance whole-body energy flow through movement and other qigong practices to a deep sense of cellular aliveness, joy, and wholeness, in spite of life conditions.
* Use qigong to work with stress in this busy and stressful work place and life.

Multi-Oh Tantric Massage

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Would you like to learn how to be a skillful, multi-orgasmic lover who effortlessly rides the waves of sexual ecstasy and transforms lovemaking into a spiritual experience? Our Tantric Massage is known as the art of ecstatic touch. Multi-Oh Tantric Massage takes this art form to a whole other level of ecstasy – tapping into our unlimited potential for infinite pleasure! In this seminar we experiment with hands-on techniques to expand our capacity for ecstasy and being multi-orgasmic while giving and receiving a whole-body massage.

Cost: $465

Wired for Love

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Take a look at relationships through the lens of neuroscience and discover how we seem to be wired to love.
* Neurobiology: an integrated approach to compatibility, feelings, & drives (lust, attraction, attachment, compassion)
* Emotions: how they arise and propagate to others
* Meditation: how it enhances networks relevant to well-being
* The Self: who, or what, is this “I” that loves, and how do self-illusions foster romantic delusions?
* Evolution & Ancestors: how the bonds amongst our nearest ape cousins and our close-knit, foraging ancestors inform our relationships today.

Cost: $340

HempCon Cup

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
National Orange Show (NOS), San Bernardino, California

The Cannabis Revolution Begins! America's Largest Cannabis Industry, Health, Lifestyle & Culture Event of the Year!

* Over 100 collectives
* 200+ cannabis related exhibitors
* Onsite evaluations (you can get medical marijuana certification onsite if you qualify).
* State of the art grow products
* The coolest glass & vapes
* Seminars by leading cannabis experts

Cost: TBA. Tickets are available for purchase on the day of the show.

Winter Wonder Gras

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Squaw Valley, California

Music Festival at the beautiful Olympic Ski Resort.

Cost: $150.00

Spring Equinox Cleanse & Yoga Retreat

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Isis Oasis Retreat Center in Sonoma County, California

We invite you to join us for a weekend of nourishing and detoxing your body, mind and soul over the Spring Equinox weekend through yoga, detoxing foods, juicing, cleansing practices and massage. We will help you to release toxins, feel more energized and cleanse yourself inside and out. We believe that food is medicine and what we eat directly affects our mood, thoughts, focus, and energy level. When we nourish our bodies with the right foods and practices, we can prevent illness and disease, and increase our overall health and happiness.

The retreat will be held at the beautiful Isis Oasis Retreat Center in Sonoma County, California, just 1.5 hours drive north of San Francisco, close to breathtaking Russian River, Sonoma wineries, and surrounded by miles of trails for hiking.

Cost: $595 - $795 (based on the accommodation)

Cleansing Yoga Retreat

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Mayacamas Ranch, Calistoga, California

A perfect weekend getaway. A perfect time to clear, purge, prepare. A perfect little place in the world, right smack in the middle of wine country, nestled deep in the California Hills, so lush and serene you’d swear you were a million miles from civilization. Do not miss this chance to meditate, practice, sweat, chant, soak in the pool and the hot tub, eat like humble gods since the food at Mayacamas is quite splendid, as you throw off winter’s heavy cloak and bow to the feral gods of spring.

Cost: $435 - $685 (based on accommodation)

Adventure in Intimacy for Couples

March 20-22, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Monterey, California

The Adventure In Intimacy is a fast-paced, transformational three-day workshop. You and your partner will learn seven basic principles and seven essential rituals that will become practical, every day tools for vitalizing your relationship, continuously growing your connection, and guiding each other on the path to Relational Maturity.

Cost: $995/couple

Three Noble Qualities

Saturday, March 21, 2015, 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Foothills Congregational Church, Los Altos, CA

Three Noble Qualities: Wisdom, Ethical Conduct, Mental Discipline - A Daylong Study, Reflection and Practice Retreat. The Fourth Noble Truth describes The Noble Eightfold Path, giving us reliable guidelines for freeing ourselves of the causes of suffering. This daylong study, reflection and practice retreat will look through the lens of the three divisions of the path—Wisdom (Panna), Ethical Conduct (Sila) and Mental Discipline (Samādhi)—to provide an integrated framework for awakening to The Noble Eightfold Path in daily life.

Whether you are new to the study of The Noble Eightfold Path or have years of experience exploring this profound teaching, the structure of the day will provide a way to develop new understanding of it through the noble qualities the path engenders. There will be an introduction to each of the three qualities including printed materials, silent sitting and walking practices to deepen integration of the teachings, personal journaling, and optional group sharing.

Cost: Donations

Rowdy & Tender Partner Dancing

Saturday, March 21, 2015, 12:00 am - 5:30 pm
Wildcat Studio, Berkeley, CA

This workshop explores human resonance through improvised partner dance.

Primal Improv is a new dance modality that combines the exuberant intensity of wrestling, the joyous attunement of Contact Improv, and the tender communion of Tantra. Primal Improv is spontaneously bursting out onto the floors Ecstatic Dance venues everywhere. Practice playful co-creation of connection, with each person listening and responding to the impulses of the moment rather than practicing the "dance steps" of more traditional forms of Lead/Follow.

This workshop is equally appropriate for experienced partner dancers as well as beginners who want to better understand how to move with another.

Cost: $60.00 online and $80 per person at the door.


The Art & SCIENCE of Love: Weekend Couples Workshop

March 21-22, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
The Costa Mesa Marriott, Costa Mesa, California

This comprehensive, science-based couple and marriage workshop & retreat  is appropriate for premarital, engaged, married, cohabiting, gay, straight, happy or struggling couples.  All of the ideas presented to you will be grounded in sound and extensive research brought to you from the Gottman Relationship Institute. You will learn what actually works in relationships that are happy and stable.

~ No public discussion or disclosure is involved. All work is done as a couple. ~

You will learn how to...
* Foster respect, affection and closeness
* Keep conflict discussions calm
* Build and share a deeper connection
* Break through and resolve conflict gridlock
* Strengthen and maintain success in your relationship

Cost: $645 per couple until three weeks prior to workshop, $695 per couple thereafter.

High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire

March 21-22, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, Victorville, California

First Annual High Desert Pirate Renaissance Faire will be held on March 21 -22, 2015 at the San Bernardino County Fairgrounds, Victorville CA. The Pirate Fair will be celebrating the Golden Age of Pirates, with much Revelry & Merry Making. Fun for all ages from the littlest Powder Monkey to the oldest Captain. Face Painting, Games to play, Stage Acts to enjoy, Battles between Pirates, Food from the four corners of the known world, Rum & Ale, and there may even be a trial of a Pirate.

Cost: TBD

Healthy Living Festival

March 21-22, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Sand Diego, California

Living healthier is bound to make you more energetic, more productive and happier. Come to the Healthy Living Festival and learn more about eating healthier, finding a healthy weight, getting into healthy activities and keeping a healthier home. Listen to experts share new ideas about lifestyle changes that can help you prevent disease and lower stress. Take part in free medical testing and screening.

The festival is also loads of fun. Watch chefs prepare and then sample healthy and ultra-tasty dishes with take home recipes. Catch the belly dancing show, join in a yoga, Zumba or qigong class, or receive a massage.

Cost: Free

Rediscovering Your Spiritual Powers

Sunday, March 22, 2015, 10am – 5pm
Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center, Novato, California

Using images, meditation and instruction, we will explore self-awareness through soul consciousness by reemerging the original five qualities of our selves. By connecting with the Supreme Source of power, a powerful persona is developed.

Mindfulness and Lovingkindness Meditation

March 22-27, 2015 (Sunday – Friday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Learn how to rest in the heart of joy, ease, and loving presence. Drawing on practices of mindfulness and lovingkindness, as well as recent neuroscience research, we will explore the transformational power of meditation. Discover the ways that lovingkindness and mindfulness support us in healing and living a joyful, vital, and compassionate life. In this workshop, you will be shown simple yet potent meditation practices and new research in neuroscience that offers this hopeful message: We can change and reshape our brains to live healthier, happier lives. We will become familiar with specific practices and techniques for cultivating greater joy, ease, presence, and genuine compassion, and we will explore how to integrate these into our daily lives. And throughout, we’ll immerse ourselves in the striking natural beauty of Esalen, and allow the sounds and vistas of the ocean, exquisite coastline, and bountiful gardens to nourish and support our practice. Be prepared for unexpected delight, mystery, and stillness.

Cost: $650.00 – $3,550.00 (based on accommodation type)

Redwood Coast Music Festival

Marc 26-29, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Eureka, California

Four fun-filled days of Traditional Jazz, Blues, swing, zydeco and more! Happening all over town with food, beverages and nonstop fun everywhere!

Cost: $85

Napa Valley Yoga Retreat

March 26-29, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Myacamas Retreat Center, Napa Valley, California

Holistic Yoga Flow retreat to Napa Valley, California at Mayacamas Ranch. Set on a hilltop ridgeline above the town of Calistoga in Napa, CA and surrounded by spectacular 360-degree views, the ranch provides an awe-inspiring, natural setting in a secluded hideaway that inspires both quiet contemplation and enthusiastic celebration. Enjoy daily yoga practices, a full day of wine tasting, breathtaking views of the wine region while lounging, and swimming in the salt-water pool or soaking in the relaxing Jacuzzi. We will celebrate nature amongst the Mayacamas hiking trails while winding through chaparral, fragrant bay and madrone forests, and a natural spring. Enjoy daily meals made from the Mayacamas organic garden & celebrate spring on this very special yoga retreat.

Price: Dorm: $950; Double: $1,100; Single: $1,350

Dance Anywhere

Friday, March 27, 2015, noon – 11pm
Multiple Locations

What if there was a public celebration of dance everywhere, around the world, simultaneously? What if, in one moment, the whole world started dancing?

Everyone is invited!

Dance anywhere is a simultaneous worldwide public art performance and we want YOU to join us! For the past 10 years, people of all ages and artistic capacities have made dances in parks, museums, street corners, schools, work places, community centers, offices, and just about anywhere, you can imagine. Participants have been professional dancers and artists, plumbers, doctors, soccer players, teachers and politicians. Some dances are choreographed, some are improvised, and some stretch the definition of what dance is.

We hope you will participate on Friday, March 27, 2015 at noon CA, 3pm NY: (click here for your time) for the 10th anniversary of dance anywhere!

Cost: Free

Survival of Humanity – Creating a New Future

March 27-29, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)
Holiday Inn Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California

Enjoy 3 full days of celebration and life transformation with conscious minded crowd of attendees with over 33 Keynote Speakers giving amazing Lectures, Panels, Workshops, Exhibits, Consciousness, Science, Technology, Health, Healing, ET Disclosure, Time Travel, Secret Space, Ancient Astronauts, Paranormal, Metaphysics, DNA Activation, Extraterrestrial life, Secret of Pyramids, Human origins, Forbidden Archeology, Giants, Crop Circles, ET Contact, UFOLOGY, Free Energy, Spirituality, Peace, Freedom, Human Rights, Alchemy, Survival, Leadership, Self-Development, Personal Growth, Soul, Evolution, Awakening, Meditation, Building a new future with new humanity movement.

Cost: Varies

Liberate the Body and Stretch the Mind: Mindfulness Meditation and Yoga

March 27-29, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Oh wondrous creatures, by what strange miracle do you so often not smile?—Hafiz. Many of us are amazed when we read the latest scientific discovery about the size of the cosmos or the workings of biological evolution, but few of us know how to bring that sense of wonder and delight into our lives. In this workshop, we will make creative use of classic Buddhist meditation practices and Anusara Yoga to help us embody the amazement of being alive and human. This workshop combines the traditional practice of Buddhist mindfulness meditation with sessions based on Anusara Yoga. Periods of meditation will alternate with yoga, allowing the techniques to support each other and create a sense of mind-body connection, vitality, and well-being. The weekend will provide ample time for discussion and interviews, as well as attention to individual challenges. There will also be talks, an exploration of Buddhist and yogic philosophy, as well as plenty of poetry and good humor. The workshop is appropriate for both experienced and beginning students of either mindfulness meditation or yoga. Please bring a yoga mat.

Cost: $405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

Being Present in the Body: Using Mindfulness to Work with Trauma

March 27-29, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Our desire to be happy is our most basic urge, but physical or emotional trauma can get in the way. Traumatic responses, especially from old painful unresolved experiences, are embedded in our body and in our behavior, and have the ability to blindside us and sabotage our happiness. These responses often produce stress that no longer serves us in our present day-to-day life. Is it possible to recognize the traumatic responses in your body? How can you recognize the non-verbal traumatic responses in your reptilian brain? How do you work with old emotional and physical wounds to free up your frozen, survival-based energy, so that you may feel more settled, grounded, and calm in your everyday life? Expect a weekend of teachings that facilitate an exploration of your traumatic responses in your animal body, experiential exercises to free up energy, and ways to recognize the felt-sense of being grounded and settled. The workshop will emphasize movement and mindfulness meditation practice.

Cost: $405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

Love is a Miracle, Level 1

March 27 – March 29, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Level 1: Love is a Miracle is a residential weekend workshop for anyone interested in having more love and intimacy in your life. Communication and connection are keys to love, intimacy and sexuality. Imagine being safely and gently guided to connect deeply and profoundly, first with yourself, and then—as you choose—with others, in an honest, supportive, and open-hearted environment.

Join us for this fabulous personal growth experience, where you will be invited to:
* Remove blocks to intimacy, expanding your ability to give and receive love
* Be your authentic self and create the life you’ve always wanted
* Improve your body image and your self-esteem
* Make the right relationship choices for you
* Ask for what you want in your relationships
* Increase the depth and intimacy in all your relationships
* Embrace your sexuality as a special—and sacred—part of your life

Cost: $545

Insight Meditation (Vipassana) Retreat - A Path to Happiness

March 27 – March 29, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Mount Madonna Center, Monterey Bay, California

How present are you for your own life? Most of us spend more time worrying about the future, replaying the past, or lost in fantasy, than experiencing what life is offering to us right now. The present moment is where we can most directly be intimate with our life – touched by beauty and intimacy, while learning through the difficult lessons how to open our hearts.  Mindfulness, or vipassana meditation, is the practice described by the Buddha for developing wisdom, compassion, and peace by learning to be mindful of what is actually happening in the present moment. This weekend is a traditional Insight meditation (Vipassana) retreat, done primarily in silence, with the practice theme of opening to the true happiness and peace that is available within ourselves. The Buddha was called The Happy One. The primary aim of his teaching is to point people to the highest happiness. There will be systematic meditation instructions, silent sitting and walking meditation, dharma talks and practice interviews. Suitable for both beginning and experienced meditators.

Cost: $214 (local accommodation extra)

The Mandala - Creating Sacred Symbols for Awakening and Healing

March 27 – March 29, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Mount Madonna Center, Monterey Bay, California

The mandala, Sanskrit for ‘circle of essence,’ has been used throughout history in various cultures as an aid to meditation, prayer, and journeying within. The empowering, enlightening act of creating mandala processes will support you to heal, open your heart to unconditional love, and awaken you to your Divine self.  Through meditation, and the holding of strong intentions, we will intuitively receive and illuminate sacred symbols. Using simple Chi Kung movements and principles, we will develop body/mind awareness to enhance and direct our energies.  All participants, regardless of artistic ability will create luminous mandalas. This joyous workshop will include creation of a communal sand mandala, a releasing burning ritual, and periods of silence. Our techniques are simple and straightforward while deeply focused and profound.  No artistic experience or prior knowledge of the mandala is needed.

Cost: $364 (local accommodation extra)

Next Generation Jazz Festival

March 27 - 29, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Monterey, California

There is no greater place to learn than on the bandstand. That is why each spring we invite over 1300 of the nation’s top student musicians to play their hearts out at the Next Generation Jazz Festival (NGJF). One of the most inclusive festivals in the United States, this “Super Bowl of jazz education” welcomes performances by middle, high school and collegiate groups of every kind: big bands, combos, vocal ensembles, as well as conglomerate bands. Over 130 groups apply each year, and from these the very best duke it out for the glory of performing at the Monterey Jazz Festival in September.

Cost: TBD

The Art and Science of Happiness

Saturday, March 28, 2015, 10am – 5pm
Anubhuti Meditation and Retreat Center, Novato, California

Why am I doing what I am doing? What drives me? This workshop focuses on the wisdom and research on perhaps the ultimate pursuit of humans - Happiness. Use insights from this workshop to enjoy better health, relationships and all-round success in life.