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AUM-Marathon in San Jose

Saturday, October 1, 2016 at 3 PM - 7 PM

San Jose, California

The AUM Meditation is a very powerful and intensive meditation process to explore the many facets of human nature – negative emotions, madness, melancholy, stress, sensuality, energy layers, dance, laughter, healing, forgiveness, love, letting go, sound, silence and gratitude. It is an interactive social meditation in which the other become a mirror and helps us to connect with our true feelings and to know who we are in the moment.

The process is 3-hours long and contains twelve stages, which take you from one polarity to another through catharsis, dance, bio-dynamic exercise and encounter. It is a great unburdening, as you will experience releasing everything unwanted in your chaotic body-mind and come to a point of ease and peace with yourself. In this space it is easy to know your true nature.

The release of stress and pent-up feelings gives you a sense of clarity and freedom and the active stages make you feel more energetic, alive and empowered.

This is a multi-dimensional Meditation that celebrates love and friendship, and helps you to sink in a space of deep warmth and relaxation.

Who leads: Polina Sozonova, certified OSHO-trainer, she got certified in OSHO-center in India, Pune.

Where: Private house in San Jose. The location will be shared with participants.
Cost: $30

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