SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Night of the Naked - Nude Halloween Party

Saturday, October 17, 2015 @ 8pm

Little Boxes Theater
1661 Tennessee St,
San Francisco, CA 94107

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Unique private Halloween party in San Francisco. Leave your clothes behind and discover back-to-nature freedom and sensuality!

The event is open to everyone, but you must be approved of in advance and be on the door list. And because we want female participants to feel comfortable, we are going for gender balance.

Nude mandatory (not clothing optional). Or nude with minimal micro-costume. Or apply body paint.

The space will be divided into three areas, which are visually separated from each other. (1) The entrance area where you pay for your ticket and are admitted. This area is separated from but leads to (2) another area where you can undress and securely stow your valuables with the host (including cell phones!). You will be given a number tag on a rubber band. This area is separated by a curtain from the main area and there will be enough room for you to apply your costume and put on your mask if you want to avoid being photographed at this point in your arrival process. From there you can proceed to (3) which is the main large open area where everything happens. At the close end of the room there will be body paint available for you to use. And there will be a body paint artist available who may be able to enhance your costume or give you a quick color treatment.

Cost: $20 before September 30, and $30 thereafter.