SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Journey Within Workshop. Transform your life in 49 Days!

Tuesdays from 7.30 – 9pm, for 7 weeks, starting September 15, 2015

2251 High Street, Palo Alto

Are you ready to break free from your limiting life patterns and achieve your authenticity?

Authenticity is a unique quality that each of us can offer to the world. We all have the innate capacity to access this high-level energy, but fall short due to our fears.

By getting to know who we are, we can overcome our fears and allow our authentic self to shine through. As a result, we respond to life differently and eliminate what is holding us back from our full potential. Once we start living from our true essence, life begins to flow and we experience abundance, joy, love and fulfillment.

In this course, you will be able to break free from your fear-based restrictions that hold you back from your goals, hopes and dreams. By gaining self-knowledge and a deeper understanding of your life, you will be able to raise your energy and connect with your inner strength and authenticity.

By applying practical tools and transformational techniques, you will, throughout the course, start to experience a positive shift, a new beginning that you have been waiting for.

Cost: $300