SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

5Rhytms Solstice Celebration Workshop

Sunday, June 21, 2015 @ 1:00pm to 4:00pm

386 Moraga Ave, San Francisco, CA 94129

The Summer Solstice is the most powerful day of the year for the Sun. Fire plays a very prominent role in this day. The element of Fire is the most easily seen and immediately felt element of transformation.

In this longest day of the year, we will dance with the Earth, circling the Sun, moving toward the mysterious depth of the Universe.

Summer in San Francisco represent a mix of blue sky and thick fog. Let us explore how our bodies respond to both extremes. Celebrating the warm sunlight and embracing the moisture of the clouds. A dance between the fog and the sun. A celebration of renewal and maturity.

If you are attending 'Summer Light', you can attend the Sweat Your Prayers in the morning (10am-12pm) for an additional $5. It will be a great warm up before the afternoon workshop.

Cost: $40 ($45, if you plan to attend both workshops 10am to 4pm

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