SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

NorCal Cosplay Ball

Saturday, August 12, 2017 at 5:00 PM – 10:00 PM PDT

Mosaic Dance and Fitness
1159 Chess Drive
Foster City, CA 94404

-Dance lesson taught by our great dance instructor
- Alots of food provided by our team. You are also welcome to bring your own food as well (Message me if you like to bring anything)
-Photography Booth
-Dedicated playlist theme and schedule
-Ballroom Dancing, Swing Dancing, and other Casual dancing
-Dance Assistance that will assist you on the dance floor to help on your dances and ensure you have a fun time.
-Latin Dance Mixer and Swing Dance Mixer where you can switch partners in the circle for every couple seconds.
-Learn and dance to Group Waltz Routine
-Royal Court Contest that you just have to be physically be there to win.
-drawing ticket to win prizes

Please be aware that this is a dress code enforced event since we want to keep this formal as possible.


3:45 pm
Door open

4 pm:
Dance lesson

5 pm:
Welcome to the Ballroom (15 minutes)
Anime Set (15 minutes)
Ghibli or Vocaloid (20 minutes)
Latin mixer (10 minutes)

Zelda or Persona (20 minutes)
Video Game (20 minutes)
Pandora Hearts Group Dance (20 minutes)

Final Fantasy+Disney=Kingdom Hearts (30 minutes)
Demo (10 minutes)
Mystery Set (20 minutes)

Break time (10 minutes)
Waifu vs. Husbando (20 minutes)
Swing Mixer (10 minutes)
Inuyusha or Fairy Tail (20 minutes)

Costume Contest Winners (10 minutes)
K-pop Set (20 minutes)
Drawing Tickets (15 minutes)
Finale Set (15 minutes)

Cost: $20