SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Love Making Dances: Energetic Intimacy & Dance Playshop

Sunday, May 31, 2015 @ 12:00 PM to 5:00 PM

Oakland, CA

What if dance and sex did not have to be separate intelligences or communities? Want to let yourself be seen, heard, and received, as you deepen your full self-expression? This (clothes on) play shop is for dancers and explorers on a sexual journey of self-love who want to learn how to move, contain, and share energy to unleash the next level of self-expression and intimacy. Join a group of likeminded embodied explorers as you practice impeccable boundaries, fearless requests, and the next level of your creative erotic artistry.

* How dance can anchor you in yourself before and after exchanging energy with a partner or group.
* How to identify, accept, and communicate your boundaries and desires both verbally and through movement.
* To get in touch with your own energetic field, amplify it, and activate it as a powerful source of connection.
* How dance makes energy visible and broadcasts intentions.
* Ways to play with tempo, quality of movement, muscle tone, vocalizing, and breath to shift your energy and the energy of a partner.
* How to experiment with the roles of guiding and surrendering to inform your consensual power dynamics in relationship.
* To tune into the sensation and presence of a partner through dance and touch.
* Explorations to play with gender fluidity exploring movement, posture, and energetic anatomy that may be different than your physical form and identity.
* How to cultivate the energy of each of the 7 major chakra’s (energy centers) by yourself and with a partner.
* Heart opening and pelvis activating movements to release blocks in emotions and sexual flow.
* Monique's infamous creation... the "Heart Fuck!"
We start with a welcoming circle, some specific guided explorations, open time for playing or witnessing, and a juicy reflective closing circle. Bring a partner, connect with someone new, or explore on your own! Please wear clothes that you love to move in. Underwear will stay on as we focus on presence, energetic intimacy, and dance!

* Trusting yourself to create healthy boundaries
* Self-care tools for grounding and integrating intimate experiences
* More confidence and clarity expressing your desires and creating consent
* Opportunity to be fully self-expressed and connect with people who gravitate to the true you
* Permission to expand your gender expression in a safe and supportive space
* Connection with more embodied and sex positive playmates to heal the common divide between those communities

If you are a first timer at a play party, you are most welcome in this safe and grounding container! If you attend play parties regularly, you are invited to come reveal another layer of your self-expression in a sensation and presence based playground that does not have to look anything like “sex!”

Cost: $70 - $100