SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Dance Outside! – Featured Free Festival

Sunday, May 17, 2015 @ 2pm - 7pm

Lake Merritt, Oakland, California

Fun guaranteed!

This 7 Year Anniversary Celebration is a Mobile Outdoor Parade of sorts. We will be playing music from a small powered FM transmitter to the 30 or so boomboxes gifted from Decentralized Dance Party.  If you have your own BoomBox (or Ghetto Blaster / Walkman / Solar Powered Radio) that can play music from the FM dial, please bring them! Our DJ's will spinning Live and on the Move around the Lake on their phones and tablets.

We will have to stay on the move, and will spontaneously and courageously dance around Lake Merritt, taking many extended dance breaks, and making many new dancing friend along the way.

Ecstatic Dance @ Sweet's Ballroom: - 9:30am - 1:00pm - Sol Rising Plays the Journey
2pm - Picnic at the Fairyland Sign, at Lake Merritt off Grand & Harrison
3pm - Music starts at Fairyland
4pm - By then we will have moved to the Gazebo dancing our way clockwise around Lake Merritt.
5pm- Estimated time to be at the Bandstand, across from the Grand Lake Theater
6pm- Estimated time we will have danced over to the new part of Lake Merritt Peralta Park.
7pm- Estimated return to Fairyland. Home Sweet Home.

Cost: Free