SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Lightning In a Bottle – Featured Music and Arts Festival

May 21 – 25, 2015 (Thursday – Monday)

San Antonio Recreation Area
2091 New Pleyto Road
Bradley, CA 93426

Sometimes called as Mini Burning Man, the Lightning in a Bottle Festival is definitely one of the best, events filled, festivals on the West Coast. The only challenge is to choose the best event, workshop, or party among simultaneously occurring activities on multiple stages. You want them all, but you cannot split! There are awfully attractive activities around the clock, so get prepared to spend unforgettable sleepless weekend!

“LIB is one of the United States premier award winning events and has earned national recognition as a pioneer in the West Coast’s conscious festival movement.  A celebration of art, music, performance, yoga, sustainability and life, LIB goes beyond any ordinary music festival. With its world-class fusion of electronic music, performance art, spiritual lectures and hands-on workshops, the festival’s overarching embodiment of cultural and environmental consciousness creates an atmosphere where attendees from all walks of life can find a way to connect with others as well as themselves.”

The line between performers , vendors and attendees is blurry, as everyone is dressed in colorful costumes, a hybrid that can best be described as steam-punk, old-timey-gone-modern, neo-desert warriors of light and joy. Yes, that is a mouthful; just know that people dress to impress and express. With everyone participating and interacting at all times, it’s an absorbing environment. The local cafe, Om Shan Tea, offers beautiful Persian rugs to sit on while you sip your tea. Wander the grounds, spend an evening meditating under a shade tree, or experience the festival as a family in the kids zone where you can explore art, meditation and games in a safe, family-friendly environment.

It is not just the line-up of performers who help create the vibe at Lightning in a Bottle; the stages are also an intentional part of the experience. Most are designed to appear like architectural analogs of flowers, trees and other natural structures with blooms of steel and wood. It’s all quite beautiful and adds to the vibe of the carefully curated musical selections, which are usually soulful hybrids of world, electronic and experimental sounds. Although there are several locales where performances occur—including the Bamboo Stage, bedecked with an artful array of bamboo rods—the Lightning Stage is the venue for most headlining performers. Although it’s colorful and ornate during the day, the Lightning Stage really comes alive at night, when the extent of Do LaB’s stage and lighting design prowess can be fully appreciated.

Cost: $250/person + $120/car (optional); weekend only passes are available