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Dance Immersion: Dance, Relax, Socialize, and Have Fun

April 4-5, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California
Highly Recommended! Featured Workshop!

What better way to unplug from the world and connect with community than to share a couple of days soaking, dancing, doing yoga, hiking, and having meals together in our own private retreat space? Come immerse yourself in a variety of conscious movement experiences and the healing waters of Harbin. The highlights of this retreat include Soul Motion with Valerie Chafograck, Ecstatic Dance with Baron von Spirit, Contact Improvisation with Aaron Jessup, Opening Connexion Dance with Daniel Mollner, Yoga and Partner Yoga with Shannon Sahaja, and Dolphin Dance with Florence Lesur.

We bring a premium underwater audio system for "Dolphin Dance" and floating meditation in one of our private pools at the Conference Center. Come dance underwater to flowing music─ it is an amazing experience.

Main Features:
● Stay Sat morning through Sun evening: two days and a night at Harbin (and you can extend your stay before or after, if desired)
● Privacy & comfort of the Conference Center, including our own pools
● A wide range of conscious dance & movement classes and activities
● Full access to all Harbin Hot Springs main side facilities and pools

Dance Immersion offers this wide menu of scheduled activities, but it is not a tightly structured retreat. We do not expect everybody to participate in every scheduled activity. This is a flexible retreat with options—each participant manages their own time and flow between the Conference Center and Harbin main side.

Cost: Early registration by Feb 28-th is $118; Regular - $128; Late - $140 after March 28th if not sold out.

Questions and Answers:

1. Where do you sleep?
Sleeping at the Conference Center is included in the price of the mini-retreat. You have your choice of nesting on the indoor sleeping deck (sleeping pad and sleeping bag), nesting in the main hall after dance quiets down, setting up a tent on the beautiful grounds around the Conference Center, or staying in your camper/van in the parking lot. For a separate cost, you can arrange to rent a private bedroom at Harbin main side (5 – 7 minutes’ walk from the Conference Center).

2. What about meals?
Catered meals are not included. We will have a scrumptious potluck dinner together the first evening and potluck leftovers for lunch on the second day. Participants supplement with their own meals for the rest of their stay by going to the Harbin Restaurant, getting food at the Harbin Market, or preparing food up at Fern Community Kitchen (a 10-minute walk). We do provide complimentary coffee/tea service on the morning of the second day.

3. Should I have previous experience in dancing/yoga/contact improvisation?
Absolutely not! All the classes are intended to the people with no pre-requisites, while you will be explained the basic rules. For some classes, like Dolphin Dancing and Contract Improvisation, that is essential, for others, like Ecstatic Dances, the main rule is no rules. Get loose, get liberated, and get happy.

4. Should I have a partner?
To enjoy the workshop, you do not need a partner. Most activities are individual or group activities, and the selected those, where being with partner is recommended, you will have a huge choice of like-minded individuals.

5. Harbin Hot Springs carry clothing optional policy. What are the workshop guidelines?
For all the in-house workshops, the closing is mandatory. For all the outside activities, like soaking in pools and Dolphin Dancing, the closing is indeed optional.

6. Why this Workshop is so cheap? What is the catch?
Workshop organizers have special arrangements with the Harbin Hot Springs administration to arrange these events at the low price at the dates, when the conference center is free from all other arrangements. Therefore, the dates for the next event are usually not available early.

7. How many participants?
The number of people in the group is 75 maximum, and the tickets are sold pretty fast. So, reserve you space as early as possible to assure you are in.

8. May I use main site pools, spa, and facilities?
You definitely can! As said, you have a full access to all Harbin Hot Springs facilities and pools. You may skip some classes and go for soak on the main site, or you may move to the main site after the workshop is over. Your ticket price includes your full access to all facilities at the Harbin main site until 10:00pm on Sunday night. A 5-10 minute walk up the road from the Conference Center is the public area of the Harbin Resort, which you are welcome to visit and enjoy. Facilities at the main side area include two warm pools, a swimming pool, a cold plunge, a very hot pool, a steam room, and a sauna.

9. Why I could not find any pictures from previous retreats?
Some pictures from the Conference Center you can find on the retreat page (see links below). However, you should understand, that the policy forbidding taking still pictures and videos at the clothing optional events and locations is very strict, and you should respect participants’ privacy as well. In general, Harbin Hot Springs is considered as “tech-free zone”, where use of electronic devices is very limited.

10. Tell me about the classes.

"Soul Motion" with Valerie Chafograck
Soul Motion™ is a Conscious Dance practice, designed by Vinn Marti. This movement practice is about waking up to your most essential nature. The only discipline it requires is to show up and be true to the part of ourselves that is committed to moving. Embracing Soul Motion as a dancing meditation practice is an effective way to free the body, to express the heart, and to empty out the mind.

Ecstatic Dance with Baron von Spirit
Baron von Spirit is a DJ in service of conscious movement, drawing on his own deeply established practice of ecstatic dance, 5Rhythms, Soul Motion, and contact improvisation for inspiration. He’s known for his eclectic and wide-ranging musical taste, but even more so for bringing songs that are fresh and unique. He loves to mix electronic and organic beats, with plenty of sacred and global music influences. Baron von Spirit lives in the SF Bay Area and is a resident DJ for Ecstatic Dance Oakland, Ecstatic Dance Palo Alto, and Ecstatic Downtemple. He founded and produces Dance Immersion at Harbin Hot Springs.

Contact Improv classes with Aaron Jessup
Aaron’s first movement training was Chinese Acrobatics, which he studied with renowned teacher, master Lu Yi. After appearing San Francisco with Pickle Family Circus and Make*A*Circus, Jessup transitioned to the dance world, performing with contact improvisation dance luminary Nita Little, as well as the Izzy-Award winning Scott Wells & Dancers.

Contact Improv is a freeform partner dance exploration.  Without defined roles of leader & follower, Contact Improv allows both partners the play of freedom and surrender. These classes will have juicy exploration for all levels of experience--from newbie to long-time dancer.

Opening Connexion Dance with Daniel Mollner
This dance session will give everybody a chance to connect and drop into their bodies.
Daniel is a dancer, filmmaker, DJ, and movement facilitator. He is co-founder of Santa Cruz Contact University, an institution focused on teaching Contact Improvisation. He sees dance as a key way to connect us with ourselves and each other. Dance is the vehicle to promote our heath, our vitality, and our growth as conscious, embodied beings. He teaches with a playful, inclusive approach so there is lots of yumminess for dancers of all experience levels.

Yoga with Shannon
Shannon is a dancer, yogini, and a carrier of earth medicine. She's a resident yoga teacher for Ecstatic Dance Oakland. Shannon provides a safe container for students of all levels to come into their bodies--alive and awake to their own possibilities. Come unwind in this soul nourishing approach to yoga that will leave you deeply dropped into yourSelf.

"Dolphin Dance" with Flow Lesur
Dolphin Dance is a form of improvisational dance done underwater, in the spirit of pure movement play. It is practiced in small groups in warm pools to music provided by an underwater speaker. Wearing goggles and nose plugs (provided by Flow), the dancers interacting with their fellow dancers to co-create dynamic and ecstatic motion. Dancers go under water, and then return to the surface periodically for air. It is like Contact Improvisation, but the dynamics are quite different since there is no ground and little gravity.

11. What would be your top recommended classes?
We have been at Dance Immersion workshop in February for the first time, and we have fallen in love with it almost instantly. Even the heavy rain, cold weather, and completely wet tent has not spoiled our impression. The top recommendations would be different for each individual, so my personal recommendations will be not to miss Dolphin Dance, Ecstatic Dance, and Soul Motion. Nevertheless, all the classes were so good last time that we have participated in almost all of them.

This workshop is highly recommended! In two days, you will achieve a body and soul relaxation, comparable with full-scale vacation on top-notch resort.

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