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OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation: Featured Workshop

Sunday, February 22, 2015, 10 am – 5 pm

1446 Market St
San Francisco, CA 94102

OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It is like….yoga for your orgasm. The daylong How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.

The one-day course includes:
* The beginning philosophy behind OM
* Introduction of a new definition of Orgasm — the difference between Climax and Orgasm
* Exploration of OneTaste principles: Attention, Simplicity & Desire and how they relate to your OM practice
* The benefits of an OM practice
* The 4 Laws of Orgasm and how they relate to OM and life
* Live demonstration of the OMing Practice
* Introduction to the 1 o’clock spot
* Basic Stroking Technique

The How to OM Course is a great starting point for both men and women and will give you the right foundation to begin building your OM practice. Whether you are learning OM for the first time or brushing up your skills, the How to OM Course is a great way to begin cultivating your Orgasm.

Open to singles and couples
Pre-requisite: Watch the How to OM Video

In this landmark course, you will learn OneTaste’s signature practice of OM (Orgasmic Meditation), a simple practice with revolutionary results. Learn how to feel more, connect more deeply to your partner, and enliven your sex in just fifteen minutes a day.

Cost: $195/person

Includes a three month complementary OM Badge Membership (access to OM Circles & The OM Hub).

7-hour day includes course with lunch break + Optional OM Lab after the course.


The workshop description is generic and quite attractive. However, the prerequisite required for the workshop participation, might give you a hint, that you are expected to check with yourself, if that is for you. Yes, this workshop definitely not for everyone, so do your homework before signing in.

Here a customer review for getting you better familiarize with the theory and promoted techniques.

Oming, or Orgasmic Meditation, is a practice taught at OneTaste, a company founded by Nicole Daedone, author of Slow Sex: The Art and Craft of the Female Orgasm. OM is a practice in which clarity, mindfulness and general in-touchedness with the universe is reached through focused touch. Specifically, the touch of a partner's hand, slowly and rhythmically stroking a woman's clitoris. Sessions last 15 minutes and the goal is not orgasm, but heightened sexual awareness. As it turns out, having someone lavish attention on this particular body part for 15 minutes is extremelyeffective at heightening sexual awareness.

The class was filled with a balance of men and women, most from late 20 to 40s. The practice was all about experiencing sensation, whatever it turned out to be, explained our delightfully upbeat teachers, Maya and Eli. Instead of the goal-oriented, orgasm-chasing sexual experience we generally go for, we were to focus on the ride, letting things go wherever they were going to go. It was about surrender to the experience.

According to the OneTaste philosophy, making focused contact with the incredibly nerve-rich clitoris can generate all kinds of electric sexual energy that can take both parties to amazing places. Additionally, the woman gets to feel safe, accepted and non-pressured enough to dive into the depths of wherever her desire's gonna take her. The man gets to explore and enjoy the more (traditionally) “feminine” sexuality of goalless sensuality, plus, quite frankly, learn his way around a woman's genitalia.

There are rules. The practice is to be distinct from sex. Practitioners set up a “nest,” with pillows, a soft cushion and towels. The stroking can't go on longer than 15 minutes, even if one or more parties beg for more. There is to be no exchanging of favors. An OM is not something a man does to a woman, but something they do together. Gloves are worn. Lube is a must. Orgasm is not defined as the few seconds of contractions we generally think of as orgasm, but rather the entire experience, starting with the first feelings of desire. The contraction part we generally refer to as an orgasm is called climax and may or may not happen.

I have reviewed about 10 different reviews of the participants, and the variety and range of the customers rating are all over the board: from total acceptance and reference to the best lifetime experience, to the ultimate claim that it was absolute waste of time. Well, all people are different, and polarized feedbacks on so controversial and non-traditional experience are quite expected.

Before making decision if you are interested in such experience now, watch “The How To OM Video”. It can be downloaded for free from the website to teach you:
* Step by step instructions for performing the 15-minute orgasm
* Exclusive pointers on basic technique, including where her spot is and what feels best for the woman
* The first step toward the best sex of your life.

Or, you can see the presentation on YouTube