SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

Ferocious Intimacy - Couples Format: Featured Workshop

Saturday, February 14, 2015, 12 pm – 5:30 pm

Wildcat Studio
2525 8th St, Berkeley CA 94710 
(510) 665-9880


This Valentine's Day workshop explores the phenomenon of resonance with others. Human beings are “hyper-social” animals, and we have deep brain circuitry that enables us to directly feel into another person, and to have them receive our deep presence.

This couples’ version of the workshop is for all types of couples: long-term committed couples seeking to explore new domains of connection, new couples seeking bonding experiences, and even pairs of people who are in the process of deciding how well they might fit. You spend the bulk of the day with your partner, playing together in altogether new ways.

With a minimum of talking, we use body movement to first ground into our own sovereignty as autonomous and powerful agents of our own lives. Next, we engage in playful interactions to attune with others, such as sharing our center of gravity and other forms of mutual interdependence. Finally, we find ways of co-operating, of engaging in playful, fierce, and tender forms of connection.
Through this exploration, we develop neuronal pathways of pre-conscious patterning that allows us to stay connected in intimacy even when things get too intense, or too close for comfort.

We all have fierce energies that arise within us as well as the deep need to be understood and loved by others. How can we use these energies as a way of establishing better connections with people rather than driving them away?

In this workshop, you will see more about how you do (or do not):
* Stand up for yourself
* Interact with exuberance
* Connect tenderly with others
* Express yourself powerfully
* Take risks
* Live passionately

 There are countless reasons why we might shut down our own brilliance.  On the one hand, society discourages us from growling with animal passion, asserting ourselves vigorously, or fiercely insisting on our boundaries or our preferences.  On the other hand, we seldom have the opportunity to tenderly hold other people with nourishing human contact, or to be held by others in our vulnerability and to be cherished despite our feelings of inadequacy.

Ferocious Intimacy workshops create a safe container in which every part of your animal nature is welcomed…the wild, fierce parts and the fragile, tender parts.  Everything about you has room to be accepted, expressed and loved in our shared yearning for intimate human connection.

Cost: At the door cost $160, discounted to $120 for pre-registration.


What should I wear? Anything that you would wear for a movement event such as Ecstatic Dance, 5 Rhythms, or a yoga class or the gym would be fine. Nothing pokey like sharp belt buckles or dangly earrings. I don’t want to introduce any performance pressure, but know that you receive karmic bonus points if your apparel has elements which illuminate your inner superhero! The workshop practices expressing your personal power…you may as well dress in a way that makes you feel heroic!

What should I bring with me? There is no convenient water fountain, so bring at least one water bottle, two would actually be easier. Also, because we expend a lot of energy, you will want to bring some finger food snacks such as fruit, nuts, juice, energy bars, or other light, sustaining foods.

Do my physical limitations prevent me from participating? Get in touch with Coach Basin directly if you would like to consult about any personal conditions that you are concerned may be limiting. You are also specifically instructed to modify any exercise so as to make it safe for you.

Where is Wildcat Studio? In Berkeley at the corner of Dwight and 8-th.  If you are unfamiliar with the venue, allow a few extra minutes to find the studio. It is in the Sawtooth Building with scores of other workshops and studios, and is in the same “bay” as Ecstatic Dance Berkeley in Studio 12 and Eighth Street Studio, toward the back of the bay on the right.