SF Bay Area Holistic Calendar

April 2015: Best Holistic Festivals and Workshops in California

Argentine Tango USA Festival and Championship

April 2-5, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
San Francisco Airport Marriott Hotel, San Francisco, California

ARGENTINE TANGO USA is an organization run by Andrea Monti and Hugo Valdez and a group of dedicated social dancers who are committed to celebrating Argentine culture in the USA. This event includes four days of dancing, tango workshops, guest instructors, live music and most importantly, a Tango competition to decide the USA Tango champions in both Salon and Stage categories.

Event Program:
* 4 nights 3 days of 100% pure authentic Tango Argentino.
* 4 days Official USA Tango Championship!  You can be a spectator, supporter or a competitor in the Fifth Edition of our Official USA Tango Championship (“Tango de pista” and Stage Tango categories) and/or participate at the non-official categories Salon Tango Seniors and Stage Tango for Groups
* 8 Argentine Tango Maestros with great international reputation and excellence in both teaching and performing will be directing workshops.
* Great Workshops all focused on your learning, improving and enjoying your tango.
* 4 Milongas: best recorded & live music and two spectacular Masters´ Shows by the festival Maestros
* Great dance performances by Guest Dancers.
* Best live music with Seth Asarnow y su Sexteto Tipico.
* Highly experienced tango DJs.

Cost: Varies

Silent Meditation Retreat

April 2-5, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Pleasant Valley Sanctuary, North San Juan, California (Northern California)

Yoga masters describe God as ever-existing bliss consciousness. Silence is the altar upon which we develop our communion with that Bliss. Keeping silence is an acknowledgement that nothing that we think or express can adequately express the Truth. Silence helps us to see ourselves more clearly, to see the course of our thoughts and the currents of our hearts. Together with the techniques of Raja yoga, we have a powerful opportunity to use the energy of our bodies, our breath, our will and our concentration to work our way back to our True Nature.

Silent retreat attendees will receive basic instruction in meditation to explore throughout the retreat, as well as access to structured group meditations, which are encouraged but not mandatory. Yoga postures are led each morning.

Cost: Private Cabin (single guest): $110; Private Cabin (couple): $160; Tent: $50

San Diego Dance Festival

April 2-5, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Crowne Plaza Hotel, San Diego, California

Music, dancing, workshops, demonstrations… Weekend paradise for dancing fans.

Cost: Weekend Pass $95 ($115 after March 2, 2015); Day Pass $55 ($60 after March 2, 2015); Dance only passes - Friday and Saturday Night - $20.

Yoga and Pilates Retreat

April 2-5, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast California

Rejuvenate, energize, and tone your body on this retreat getaway, half way between Los Angeles and San Francisco!

Sagrada Wellness is excited to offer our yoga and Pilates retreats in beautiful Central Coast California. Sagrada’s acclaimed retreat is led by Nicole Currie and hosted by owners Scott and Eva, will be held at the majestic San Luis Obispo retreat. The sanctuary is comprised of 45 private acres. The retreat grounds offer a 360-degree view of the natural world. Quiet your mind on a meditation stroll through peaceful pathways and a pure mountain-fed lake. Once night falls, gather with new friends around the fire pit or let your stresses melt away in the Jacuzzi. Outdoor areas provide ideal places for lounging, reading, journaling or rejuvenating with a refreshing afternoon nap.

This retreat is a nurturing blend of Vinyasa flow yoga, Pilates, restorative yoga, and Bollywood dance. Begin your day practicing a 1.5-hour flow yoga class in the spectacular yoga studio that opens onto large oak trees and gardens. In the late afternoon, enjoy an uplifting Pilates mat class that will tone your abdominals and bring balance to your spine. After this fun workout, rejuvenate your mind and body with deep restorative yoga postures that will leave you feeling grounded. As we embark on our inward journey of renewal, guests feel a deeper sense of connectedness to oneself and the beautiful nature that surrounds the beautiful sanctuary.

Cost: Communal bedroom shared bathroom - $865 + tax; Private bedroom shared bathroom - $1295 sgl / $995 dbl + tax.

Mindfulness and Heartfulness: The Healing and Transformation of Mind and Body

April 3-5, 2015 (Friday - Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

This program is designed to integrate the practice of mindful awareness with directed heartfulness to facilitate growth, healing, and change. It is based on Mark Abramson's work as the director of Stanford's Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Program, which he founded 20 years ago. The workshop introduces the practical application of techniques of mindfulness and heartfulness to transform emotional states and unleash the great potential for deep healing of the body. The goal is to learn new ways of relating to experience that allow greater opening, understanding, and the possibility of transformation. “This work," writes the leader, “creates an increasing experience of gentleness, kindness, and respect for oneself and others as well as the beneficial effects on health that a kind mind brings to the body." The program offers guided practice in mindfulness meditation, body movement, breathing practices, and heart opening, interspersed with lecture and interactive discussion.

Open Floor Encounter

April 3-5, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Open Floor Encounter is an exhilarating group process that contains elements of Gestalt Awareness Practice (GAP), psychodrama, movement, and somatic psychotherapy. The essential practice is to make what we feel and think inside physically visible. Our actions impact others, and the actions of others affect us. We come to understand the interdependence of being human: there is no such thing as a person having an individual experience.

Within a supportive and challenging environment, we create a “safe emergency” — a situation intense enough to get our attention and supportive enough that we risk moving beyond our habitual patterns. Open Floor Encounter straddles the middle ground between the edgy, pioneer spirit of “group encounter” of the 1960s with the sophistication and finesse of more recent psychotherapeutic insights. Artfully graceful, unpredictable, and infinitely creative, this process calls forth both our maturity and innate wisdom.

Cost: $405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

Dance Immersion

April 4-5, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

What better way to unplug from the world and connect with community than to share a couple of days soaking, dancing, doing yoga, hiking, and having meals together in our own private retreat space? Come immerse yourself in a variety of conscious movement experiences and the healing waters of Harbin. The highlights of this retreat include Soul Motion with Valerie Chafograck, Ecstatic Dance with Baron von Spirit, Contact Improv with Aaron Jessup, Opening Connexion Dance with Daniel Mollner, Yoga and Partner Yoga with Shannon Sahaja, and Dolphin Dance with Florence Lesur.

We bring a premium underwater audio system for "Dolphin Dance" and floating meditation in one of our private pools at the Conference Center. Come dance underwater to flowing music─ it is an amazing experience.

Main Features:
● Stay Sat morning through Sun evening: two days and a night at Harbin (and you can extend your stay before or after, if desired)
● Privacy & comfort of the Conference Center, including our own pools
● A wide range of conscious dance & movement classes and activities
● Full access to all Harbin Hot Springs main side facilities and pools

Dance Immersion offers this wide menu of scheduled activities, but it is not a tightly structured retreat. We do not expect everybody to participate in every scheduled activity. This is a flexible retreat with options—each participant manages their own time and flow between the Conference Center and Harbin main side.

Cost: Early registration by Feb 28-th is $118; Regular - $128; Late - $140 after March 28th if not sold out.

Renaissance Pleasure Faire

April 4 – May 17, 2015 (multiple weekends).
Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area, Irwindale, California

Spend a weekend afternoon traveling back in time — to the days of yore when Queen Elizabeth I ruled England. Twenty acres of the Santa Fe Dam Recreation Area are transformed each spring into a wooded playground with entertainment, such as fully armored jousting, and populated with characters wearing elaborate costumes that recall the era.

Cost: $28/day

Sat Nam Fest

April 8-12, 2015 (Thursday – Sunday)
Joshua Tree, California (South California)

Kundalini Yoga and Music Festival

Cost: $100/person/day (Festival pass only, meals and housing extra).

Lucidity Festival

April 10-12, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Live Oak Campground, Santa Barbara, California

Join us, Lucid Dreamer, for our continuing epic transformational saga. Kindred Quest marks the beginning of our collective exploration of community, family and tribe. In this chapter we are seeking guidance from our past – from our ancestors and elders. Ever looking, ever learning, ever loving, ever lucid, we are coming together as One commUnity with One voice.

Cost: $250/person

Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival

April 10-12, 2015 and April 17-19 (Friday – Sunday)
Empire Polo Club, Indio, California

Founded in 1999, the event features many music genres, and has grown to become a must-stop for both talents and fans.

Cost: TBD

Amma Karunamayi Workshops

April 10-12, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Various Locations

Amma Sri Karunamayi will be holding her Spiritual programs in the San Francisco Bay area in Sunnyvale and Fremont this year April 10th-12th 2015.

On Friday - April 10, 2015
Individual Blessiings/Saraswati Dikshas and Divine discourse, 11am to 6pm
At Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, 450 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale 94089

Lunch will be served so that people can stay and enjoy Amma's presence.

On Saturday - April 11, 2015
One-Day Meditation Retreat, 8am to 6pm
At Sunnyvale Hindu Temple, 450 Persian Dr., Sunnyvale 94089

Sunday, April 12, 2015
Homa (Sacred Fire Ceremony)
9 am – 1 pm.
Fremont Hindu Temple, 3676 Delaware Dr., Fremont, CA 94538

You can register online (starting Feb 1st) for the meditation retreat at

We encourage you to sign up with us for Seva (selfless service) at these events. Please click on Arati (for women) or seva tab.

Please contact Vinay Mamidi/SF Bay Area Seva committee via email or by phone: prashvin@yahoo.com, 510-209-8697

We look forward to a blissful time with Amma basking in her radiant love, taking in her blessings, bhajans and absorbing her Divine grace and wisdom!

Cost: free except the meditation retreat (early registration $100) and the Saraswati Diksha for children (a very nominal fee of 25$)

Cranial Touch Workshop

Saturday, April 11, 2015 @ 10:00am - 5:00pm
Studio Valencia
455A Valencia St,
San Francisco, California 94103

The Cranial wave is a subtle body pulse. When we tune into this body rhythm, we become deeply connected, calm, peaceful, at ease. We feel a part of the whole - our sense of separation falls away. Moving with awareness of the cranial wave allows our actions to be integrated. We are less prone to injury, and more in harmony with others.

Come and learn the principles of Craniosacral bodywork. This workshop includes a lecture/power point about the cranial wave, guided movement to integrate awareness of the cranial wave in our bodies & minds, and hands on cranial techniques. In this way we create a 360 learning experience – intellectual, visceral, experiential - contacting the wave in your own body and other bodies.

This workshop is open to anyone interested in learning more about Craniosacral bodywork and the Cranial wave. No previous experience needed. It will be of special interest to massage & bodywork practitioners, Yoga teachers & practitioners, Dancers, Movers & Shakers & other curious beings.

To Register/ Questions - catorshachoy@gmail.com

Cost: $75

Sacred Groove Festival

Saturday, April 11, 2015 @ 8:30pm –3:00am
Guava, 4210 Holden Street, Emeryville, California

Come Dance & Be Nourished! Affectionate conscious dance party at GUAVA with featuring ecstatic dance DJs Neptune and Baron von Spirit!

Take your shoes off, relax, and get all of your senses nourished. We are all about music, dance, food, tea, massage exchange, lounging, cuddles, and all-things-Guava (including Kelly Guava’s famous Guavamole).

The evening's music will be sacred, soulful, and sultry--a mix of midtempo and downtempo grooves perfect for connecting with others on the dance floor or in a pile of pillows. Both Neptune and Baron von Spirit will be cherry picking their best and newest sexy music. And GUAVA has an awesome bamboo dance floor! Later in the evening, we will be serenaded by vocalist Julia Sam with accompanist Kevin John Seisenbacher on sitar & guitar!

Cost: $21 presales (includes service fee) until 5pm event eve and $25 cash at the door ($15 after 11:30pm).

True Colors - A Women's Embodiment Daylong

Saturday, April 11 @ 11 am - 5:30 pm

Western Sky Studio
2525 Eighth St #13A
Berkeley, California

“Truth is like the sun. You can shut it out for a time, but it ain’t goin’ away.”  ~ Elvis Presley ~

As women, we can spend so much time and energy trying to be who everyone else wants us to be, losing ourselves along the way. In this workshop, we will ask the ultimate question…Who am I?, allowing the wisdom of our own bodies to reveal the answer as we breathe and dance our way to the truth.

Through the Open Floor Movement Practice, inquiry and experiential exercises, we will support each other in this essential exploration. As we find ourselves on the dance floor, we can move into our daily lives with more authenticity and aliveness. Bring your curiosity, an open mind, a sense of humor, and leave your shame behind.

All levels of experience welcome. Women ages 18 and up.

Price: $95

Ferocious Intimacy

Saturday, April 11, 2015, 12 pm – 5:30 pm
Wildcat Studio, Berkeley, CA

This workshop explores resonance between people. With a minimum of talking, we use body movement exercises to first ground into our own sovereignty as autonomous and powerful agents of our own lives. Next, we engage in playful interactions to create safety and attune with your partner, such as sharing our center of gravity and other forms of mutual interdependence. Finally, we find ways of co-operating, of engaging in playful, fierce, and tender forms of connection.

Cost: $60 in advance, $80 at the door

OneTaste Orgasmic Meditation Workshop

Saturday, April 11, 2015, 10 am – 5 pm
Santa Monica, California

OM (Orgasmic Meditation) is a simple way for people to practice their orgasm. It is like….yoga for your orgasm. The day-long How to OM Course is the perfect way to learn the basics of the practice of OM and the philosophy behind OneTaste’s signature practice. Spend the day with two Certified OneTaste instructors.

The How to OM Course is a great starting point for both men and women and will give you the right foundation to begin building your OM practice. Whether you are learning OM for the first time or brushing up your skills, the How to OM Course is a great way to begin cultivating your Orgasm.

Open to singles and couples
Pre-requisite: Watch the How to OM Video

Cost: $195/person

Fantasy Faire and Dance

April 11-12, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Guadalupe River Park, San Jose, California

Comprised of a fully interactive village with a few hundred impeccably dressed characters from your favorite fantasy and fandom tales, numerous stage shows, some of which have international acclaim, and tons of music, games and activities for all the ages, plus an amazing shopping experience brought to you by over 50 artisans, the event is an extraordinary feast for the senses, a fusion of interactive entertainment, music, art, and a production, in its purest form.

Costumes are welcome, This is a fun event for the whole family.

Cost: TBD

Learn How to Meditate: Techniques for Peace of Mind and Balanced Living

Apr 14 – 16, 2015 (Tuesday - Thursday)
The Expanding Light Retreat, Nevada City, California

Learn how to meditate for the first time, or learn how to meditate with more concentration and upliftment if you already meditate.

You will learn:
* An effective technique to help you concentrate
* How to sit comfortably so your body is not an obstacle to inner peace
* How to begin a daily practice of meditation
* Ways to experience the benefits of meditation throughout your day
* How to keep your meditation practice fulfilling so that you want to continue
* You will leave with the techniques and understanding you need to sustain a meditative practice.

Your weekend will include physical exercises to aid relaxation, and written lessons to help you get the best possible start on your meditation practice.

Cost: $238 - $558 (depending on accommodations type)

Beginner's Mind Sesshin

April 17-19, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Yokoji Zen Mountain Center, Mountain Center, California (Southern California)

Sesshin literally means "to unify the mind." Sesshin is at the heart of Zen Practice - a chance to give full attention to one's life without distraction.

This sesshin is designed for those who are new to Zen practice. There will be orientation given regarding the basic formal procedures that will be used over the weekend, so no prior experience is required. The schedule will be lighter than the regular sesshin that we run at Yokoji. We all have the 'beginner's mind', that which sees the world afresh in each moment. Sesshin is the perfect vehicle to realize this. This sesshin is also open to experienced practitioners.

Cost: $180

Emerge – 5Rhythms Workshop

April 17-19, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Presidio Performing Arts Center, San Francisco, California

A Gabrielle Roth 5Rhythms® Waves workshop is the foundation of the entire body of 5Rhythms work in which we expand our class work with a deepened physical expression and knowledge of the essential 5Rhythms and their polarities. No prerequisites required.

Cost: $200 before March 24, 2015, $240 thereafter.

Tantric Massage: The Art of Ecstatic Touch

April 17-19, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Dedicate a weekend to Bliss, Sensuality & Ecstasy! Tantric touch, ritual and communication are the foundations for this sensuous weekend. As you gently tune into each other, the difference between giving and receiving dissolves into a harmonious flow of your ecstatic energies. This weekend is an ideal opportunity to explore the fine line between sensuality and sexuality, and to deepen your connection and love. Our Tantric Massage includes interactive elements such as eye contact, communication, breath awareness and energy movement along with touching the whole body. By weaving active and passive elements into the massage, a conscious connection between the giver and receiver is formed, bringing around more intimacy and pleasure for both.

Cost: $465

HempCon Cup

April 17-19, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Cow Palace, San Francisco, California

The Cannabis Revolution Begins! America's Largest Cannabis Industry, Health, Lifestyle & Culture Event of the Year!

* Over 100 collectives
* 200+ cannabis related exhibitors
* Onsite evaluations (you can get medical marijuana certification onsite if you qualify).
* State of the art grow products
* The coolest glass & vapes
* Seminars by leading cannabis experts

Cost: TBA. Tickets are available for purchase on the day of the show.

Earth Day SF

Saturday, April 18, 2015, 10:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.
San Francisco Civic Center, San Francisco

The fifth Annual Earth Day San Francisco (EDSF), part of the 45-th anniversary of Earth Day International, will be held on Saturday April 18Th at the San Francisco City Hall & Civic Center Plaza. While some progress has been made in the past four decades towards creating environmental awareness and action, today the issues are more urgent than ever, as evidenced by critical threats such as climate change, species extinction and the growing toxic threat of chemicals all around us.

Bring your families, friends and tell them it is time to Dance for the Planet! We have a great day of free, all ages, and community driven entertainment, art, and social good in store for the community.
This is a positive step for the electronic dance music and environmentally conscious community to come together and express ourselves abundantly through art, music, and dance.

Cost: Free

Invincible Presence

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 9:30 am - 5:00 pm
Foothills Congregational Church, Los Altos, California

This daylong program will cultivate the capacity to be present in the here and now. Mindfulness meditation techniques enable us to let go of the past, and be free from deluded fantasies for the future. The teachings are inspired by an instruction in the Majjhima Nikaya (M. 131-134) that encourages profound insight through present moment awareness.

The program will include sitting and walking meditation, instructions, and opportunities for individual meetings with the teacher. This practice day is appropriate for new and experienced meditators.

There will be a potluck community meal at 12:30; please bring a food dish to share.

EVERYONE IS WELCOME. Chairs are provided. Bring a cushion if you prefer to sit on the floor.

Cost: Donations

Cuddle Party Sonoma County

Saturday, April 18, 2015 @ 5:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Santa Rosa Area, California

Cuddle Party is a fun, playful, potluck & workshop about connection and communication that includes an abundance of nurturing and affectionate touch. It is safe and structured, non-sexual and drug and alcohol-free event.

People may attend a Cuddle Party for a variety of reasons. Some come just to have fun and enjoy a wonderful evening of connecting with like-minded people. Some see a Cuddle Party as a great networking opportunity to look for new friends or a significant other. Some (both men and women alike) come to safely fulfill their need for affection and nurturing touch that may be missing in their everyday life. Some appreciate the learning and personal growth aspect, having the opportunity to improve their social and communication skills (expressing needs, setting boundaries, etc.), and explore ways of creating connection and closeness. Some may appreciate risking connecting with someone of the same sex (or the opposite if that is your edge).  Some may even find an element of spirituality here, and play with "touch meditation", Tantra, or explore different states of consciousness ("the cuddling hormone" oxytocin can produce quite an altered state). 

Cuddling can mean feet against feet, head or shoulder rubs, full-body hugs, spooning - it is entirely up to you. You can participate according to your desires and comfort level (it is perfectly ok if you just want to talk and not touch anyone for a while or not at all - YOU ARE ALWAYS AT CHOICE!!!). You will have a great opportunity to meet and connect with other cuddle-minded people in a safe and relaxing environment.

During the first hour we create the structure and safe space by introducing ourselves, learning about Cuddle Party philosophy and rules (like "Ask before touching anyone"), and by going through several communication and ice-breaker exercises. This is followed by a couple of hours of social cuddling time, and ends with a Closing Circle.

Cost: $30 - $50 (sliding scale)

Chemistry of Contact

April 18-19, 2015 (Saturday – Sunday)
Berkeley, California

This workshop focuses on the Chemistry: emotion, states of awareness, the de/reconstruction of structures of physicality and intimacy, and the possibilities of emotional bodies in relationship.  Physics is the container and Chemistry is the investigation!

A dance can move around amongst all of these frames or rest in one. This workshop, as a practice space, will be centered in the first two frames, exploring the interplay of our personal explorations and holding space for another.  From this base, the exploration of personal connection become the richer.

Cost: $125 - $300 (sliding scale)

Women’s Healing Intensive-Going Deeper

April 23-26, 2015
Buddhist retreat center, Santa Cruz Mountains, California

3 days 3 nights of deep healing meditative work. Open to 20 women. Intention- this is very much a soul journey, many deep questions will be answered, paths restored, strength returned, beauty appreciated, earth will bless and love will penetrate and heal.

Come to the nourishing womb, feel safe to come to your essence, enjoy your true nature, your gifts, open your heart, become the center of your story, learn to create your destiny and take it all home to make the world a little warmer to all…

Cost: $400

5Rhythms: Grief, Loss and the Body in Motion

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Have you experienced loss and the natural emotions of sadness, anger, fear, and love? How do you process your losses and move through your life? Unfortunately, many of us have not found safe and effective ways of expressing these emotions, and we can feel stuck, both emotionally and at times physically, with the cumulative burden of our unfinished business. Using the tools of the 5Rhythms movement practice combined with a process of grief-work that is grounded in emotional presence, non-judgment, and supportive witnessing, participants will join in a safe space to help heal mind, body, and spirit.

Cost: $405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)


April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Indio, California (Southern California)

Famous Country Music Festival

Cost: $270 + $30/car/night (optional)

Meditation as the Medicine of the Mind: Research and Practice

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Esalen Institute, Big Sur, California

Does meditation have power to heal the body? In their research together at The Integrative Medicine Program at the MD Anderson Cancer Center, Lorenzo Cohen and Alejandro Chaoul examine the bio-behavioral effects of mind-body interventions such as meditation, yoga, and t'ai chi. They are interested in quality of life as well as the clinical outcomes of those undergoing cancer treatments, and they work to get the population as a whole engaged in mind-body practices to improve health and well-being. During this workshop, in a vivid and interactive dialogue with the participants, Chaoul and Cohen will discuss the negative effects of chronic stress in our lives and the new frontier of mind-body medicine. They will focus on the landmark studies showing that practices such as meditation and yoga can change the way the brain functions and ultimately affect all systems of the body. Engaging in mind-body practices can lead to neuroplasticity (changes that occur in the organization of the brain as a result of experience) and improved well-being. Participants will be shown key mind-body practices for everyday life.

Cost: $405.00 – $1,750.00 (based on accommodation type)

Love is a Miracle, Level 1

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Harbin Hot Springs, Middletown, California

Level 1: Love is a Miracle is a residential weekend workshop for anyone interested in having more love and intimacy in your life. Communication and connection are keys to love, intimacy and sexuality. Imagine being safely and gently guided to connect deeply and profoundly, first with yourself, and then—as you choose—with others, in an honest, supportive, and open-hearted environment.

Join us for this fabulous personal growth experience, where you will be invited to:
* Remove blocks to intimacy, expanding your ability to give and receive love
* Be your authentic self and create the life you’ve always wanted
* Improve your body image and your self-esteem
* Make the right relationship choices for you
* Ask for what you want in your relationships
* Increase the depth and intimacy in all your relationships
* Embrace your sexuality as a special—and sacred—part of your life

Cost: $545

In Good Standing Dance Workshop

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Marin Masonic Lodge, San Rafael, California

Standing up is not a one-time event – it takes fortitude. In relationships, at work, in conversation, with our own habits, we are called to stand up again and again, in matters big and small. Often we have to stand alone. And, anyone who has been in a long term relationship (parent, friend, child, partner) knows the power of learning the right moment to "stand down" when conflicts arise. So how do we embody this necessary practice? In this weekend workshop we will mine the innate wisdom of our bodies to

* Who do we stand behind, beside?
* Where are we afraid to stand up?
* What won’t we stand for anymore?
* How do we stand our ground when the ground is shaking?

Let us ask the questions together and allow our bodies to answer.

Cost: TBD

Yoga Retreat - Weekend Warrior Style

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo County, Central Coast California

Leave your city life behind and rejuvenate on Sagrada's new mini weekend warrior yoga retreat! This is a convenient way to recharge your batteries, soak up some pristine natural countryside, practice your yoga asanas, eat nourishing gourmet meals and enjoy the company of new friends.

Days will begin with a morning hike on one of Sagrada’s picturesque trails, and then a 1.5-hour yoga class in our spectacular brand new yoga studio that opens onto the trees, and majestic mountain views. In the late afternoon, enjoy the second yoga class followed by restorative yoga postures that will leave you feeling grounded and at peace. After a healthy and tasty lunch, there is plenty of time to lounge on a hammock, or venture off the ranch for a bit of Central Coast delicious wine tasting at local Paso Robles or Edna Valley Wineries.

Bask in the hot tub; explore the quaint towns of Santa Margarita, San Luis Obispo, Templeton, Paso Robles, or the breathtaking local beaches. Relax in our reflection garden, catch up on deep peaceful sleep, and experience the healing and rejuvenating benefits that Sagrada Wellness California Yoga Retreats has become famous for providing!

All levels welcome. Beginners to Advanced.

Cost: Communal bedroom shared bathroom - $595 + tax; Private bedroom shared bathroom - $865 sgl / $695 dbl + tax

Recharge Yoga Retreat for Women

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Isis Oasis Retreat Center, Sonoma County, California

We invite you to join us to recharge and rejuvenate through yoga, hiking or running, motivational workshops and wine tasting!

Women ONLY!

Cost: $495 - $895 (based on accommodation).

Heart of Love, Body of Light: The Wild Woman’s Way

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Ojai, California

This weekend of women’s embodiment practice is a deep dive into body of work” The Wild Woman’s Way”, centered around reconnecting and embodying all we already know and exploring and expressing the as yet unknown. Through exercises, movement, dance, consideration and art you will discover how you express as a woman and experience a deepening of your relationship to yourself and those around you.

Women ONLY!

Cost: $350

Urban Dharma Meditation Retreat

April 24-26, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
Mindfulness Care Center,
42 Gough Street,
San Francisco, CA 94109
(415) 503-1971

Wonderful opportunity for a silent meditation weekend city retreat. This weekend urban retreat will combine sitting and walking meditation along with dharma reflections, question and answer periods, plus an opportunity for personal interviews.

A $30.00 preregistration fee is required. This reserves your space and goes towards providing meals for the weekend, which the MCC will provide.

Tea and filtered water is available throughout the retreat.

Attendees of the retreat are able to sleep at home each evening and return in the morning back to the MCC.

We ask that you commit to attending the full retreat and not be involved in any outside activities. Creating a weekend that allows you the time to come inward for a wonderful self-practice.

Cost: The retreat is offered on a dana/donation basis. Registration is required.

Santa Cruz Dance Week

April 24 - May 2, 2015 (Friday – Saturday)
Santa Cruz, California (Various Locations)

National Dance Week Santa Cruz continues its annual custom of showcasing the best of the local dance scene, which covers an impressively diverse range of forms and styles. With the participation of numerous dance studios and instructors, as well as hundreds of performers, the event offers accessible performances, public exhibitions, and free classes.

Cost: Varies, Free

Bay Area Dance Week

April 24 - May 3, 2015 (Friday – Sunday)
SF Bay Area, California (Various Locations)

Discover the wide range of classes, performances, workshops, lections, demonstrations, and more, which are planned for the annual 10-day celebration April 24-May 3, 2015. Most of the events are free for general public. List of events will constantly updated on the search page. You can filter the listing by date, type, location, and style.

Cost: Free

Embodied Alchemy: Authentic Movement, Neuroscience and the Somatic Unconscious

Saturday, April 25, 2015; 9am-4pm
C.G. Jung Institute of San Francisco, California

Alchemy brings awareness to what we least value to generate new life. Such transformative processes are embedded in the somatic unconscious, and find expression through practices such as Authentic Movement and BodySoul work. Participants move in response to felt sensation, emotion and imagery in the presence of a compassionate witness, bringing light to the dark body. In this workshop participants will engage the alchemical metaphor as it relates to psychotherapy as we weave Jungian theory and neuroscience with drawing, writing, movement and discussion. Open to all levels.

Cost: TBD

How Weird 2015

Sunday, April 26, 2015, 12:00 pm – 8:00 pm
Howard St at 2nd St, San Francisco, California

Children of all ages, prepare to be amazed and amused and astounded at the sensational spectacle of art and music and dazzling world of wonders that is the 16th annual How Weird Street Faire!

Marvel at the beautiful freaks in costume and be one yourself. See the colorful curiosities and extraordinary strangeness. Be filled with awe at the performers of every type. Browse the unique and designer merchants. Partake in delicious global cuisine and fine beverages.

Hear world renowned music on advanced sound technology. Dance with amazing people from around the globe. This year there will be 10 spectacular music stages! The dance music stages include returning favorites Symbiosis, Enchanted Forest, Muti Music, Pulse SF, Party Babas, Red Marines, Temple Nightclub, SomaFM, the Think You Can DJ Game Show, and world dance stage by Underground Nomads and Hookahdome. New this year is a dub music stage by Mountain Lion Hi-Fi, and a special old school house music stage from some of the founders of the California electronic music community, including Come-Unity.

Dancin' Downtown Festival

Sunday, April 26, 2015 @ 10 am - 3:30 pm

Santana Row
377 Santana Row
San Jose, CA 95128

Santana Row and sjDANCEco has partnered up again this year to bring local as well as regional dance artists together to celebrate National Dance Week in a FREE outdoor festival featuring the diversity and the wealth of our dance community.

Enjoy performances from groups such as;

sjDANCEco (Maria Basile, Gabriel Mata)
Diablo Ballet
LV Dance Collective
Pointe of Departure
Moving Sculptures
Erin East
Visual Rhythm
Zohar Dance Company

Cost: Free

Biltmore in Bloom: SD Vintage Dance Week

April 26-30, 2015
Grand Bohemian Hotel, San Diego, California

Join San Diego Vintage Dance Society, April 26-30, as we travel back in time to the Biltmore Estate for vintage dancing, costuming, parties, lectures, dancing, fabulous food, and say again, DANCING!! The Biltmore Estate, built by the Vanderbilt family, is one of the largest houses ever built in North America. In April, the estate will reveal 8000 acres in full bloom. And, besides the blooms, there's a special Downton Abbey costume exhibit throughout the Biltmore House. There is no place like this place! Vintage dance instructors include Richard Powers and Marc Casslar. Spare Parts will provide music for evening dances. Venues for our balls will include venues on both the Estate and in historic Asheville.

Cost: $325 until January 15, 1015. After that $395. (for those staying at the Grand Bohemian Hotel, accommodation cost is not included). For those making other arrangements, the cost is $425 until January 15 and $495 after.