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Intro to Slow Sex – OneTaste Workshop

Saturday, August 22, 2015 @ 8pm to 11pm

1446 Market Street,
San Francisco, CA

In today’s hyper-connected world, there exist endless forms of communication, from emails and texts to tweets and status updates. All this connectivity, however, has propelled our culture to a speed that leaves people little time to express what it is they really want.

Meaningful sex (as well as connection and intimacy generally) has taken a backseat to instant gratification ­— just read the cover of any lifestyle magazine, and you’ll find promises of advice on how to reach an orgasm faster and more often. Sex has become so time consuming that 17 percent of cell phone users admit to checking their gadgets during sex, according to a study conducted by Retrevo Gadgetology Report.

This class teaches the philosophy of Slow Sex which, like other popular slow movements, such as Slow Food, has less to do with pace and everything to do with connection, and in this case, the connection between two people in the most intimate arena.

There are four principles or tenets to Slow Sex philosophy: attention, simplicity, desire, and connection. This mini-workshop consists of a few small icebreaker exercises and four main exercises (all PG-13) designed around these principles.

Cost: $20 cash at the door

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